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Military Relocation Specialist

What IS a Military Relocation Specialist? AM I?

As a Military Relocation Specialist myself, I get this question from customers and other agents as well! A Military Relocation Specialist is a real estate agent that specializes in handling the real estate issues of the military community, is well informed on military real estate moves, benefits, requirements and anticipates your needs and concerns.

I have seen “Military Relocation Specialist” designations. Is there an official nationally or military accepted designation?

I have been a Military Relocation Specialist, for 12 years now and NO there wasn't!!! - Keep in mind that there was “NO” nationally nor internationally accepted designation, since there were neither common accepted standards nor requirements.


** Our Military Veteran Clients may receive up to $2,500 to be used towards their purchase or sale of their home (Where permitted by the V.A. and State Law-excluding Foreclosures and Shortsales) Must not have a current agreement with another agent, must mention this ad prior to signing/viewing homes and sign directly with Carlos Cardo Home Team as a new client:

Up to $175,000 is $750
$176,000 to $250 is $900
$251,000-$350,000 is $1,200
$351,000-$40,000 is $1,500
$401,000-$500,000 is $2,000
Greater than $500,000 is $2,500

On 17 September 2014 the National Association of REALTORS created a program so that agents can identify themselves as a "Military Relocation Professional". They are ones that will in one way or another explain why? Until now some real estate firms have classes that informs its agents on VA requirements, acronyms, benefits and other military issues that they deem important, others do not. Just as REALTORS have a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR), or Graduate REALTORS Institute (GRI), the Military Relocation Professional now has that same standard.

Also, there are independent internet sites that agents can join for a fee that will advertise such a benefit, create a logo, and an advertising plan (after all, people are starting to see the military as big business). Those agents that join will then reflect their opinion that they are a military relocation specialist. Usually military members desire a full time professional local agent with a “been there and done that” experience and a firm understanding of the military relocation process as well as real estate issues.

Why is a Military Relocation Professional so important?

When military orders come down range the military member may have never been in that area, city nor neighborhood. They may have quite a bit of time or no time at all to make arrangements! They have many questions, needs and concerns. Concerns such as:

How and where are the schools?

Are there military on/off base clinics, commissaries, exchange, and other services? And where are they?

Will my BHA cover my housing bills?

How is TMO timeline and coordination going to work especially if there was no prior housing TDY/TAD trips to purchase or rent a home?

Commuting time to and from bases with alternative routes and with or without tunnels and/or bridges? (Extremely important in a few MOS’s)?

What are my VA Benefits, where can I get a VA Loan and how does the loan work?

What should the Military Family do to protect themselves?

It is the responsibility of the military member and their family to use due diligence! When you think that an agent is a Military Relocation Specialist, ask them questions they should know and check for the MRP designation! Most relocation packages are an assortment of houses, tourist magazines, advertisements and many with little or no real tangible benefits.
These relocation packages were fine at the time without the internet, however most military find that a well-organized relevant “Military Relocation” local web site, without the massive advertising is the best method. They want to know what the place and their life would be like as if they have lived there all their life and reduce the surprises and rip-offs!

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Ask your agent what qualifies them to be a “Military Relocation Specialist”?

Do they have the "Military Relocation Professional" (MRP) designation? Was it just a class? Did they experience it themselves? Do they understand the issues concerning household moves, supplementary shipments, BHA, COLA, and other issues and timelines? Will they be able to assist you with other questions even after the sale? The majority of my military clients call me throughout their tour for local information, local services, other information and advice.

Remember, if an agent is confident that they CAN provide such services, they will not be defensive, rather they are more than happy to go into detail and explain what it is that qualifies them to be so. Read their bio, then email and call them. Don't hire someone just because the paid a fee to join a group! Hire someone that can do the job for you. There is a lot you can learn from a spontaneous answer!
– This is YOUR responsibility as a Military Family!


Just like military accreditations and MOS credentials, designations such as: CRS, GRI, ABR, SRES, CNHS, CSP, RCC, e-PRO, CDPE, SFR, MRP and others make a difference! Buying and selling a home is an expensive process, so a little homework on your part will save you a ton of money and stress!